Rhino CrossFit

2017 Rhino CrossFit Championships

For the sixth straight year, Rhino CrossFit is bringing the 'Sport of Fitness' to the Olympia Expo! This year, competitors will be testing their ability to jump over walls, carry the Strongman Frame, and fight their way through functional training circuits.

Prize Money: $4,000 distributed among all 6 of the events, and the title of Rhino CrossFit Champion!

Entry fee: $50

The competition will include +/- 6 Events, to be completed at any time (there are no heat times and you may spread the events out over the 2-day expo.) This way you can enjoy the Olympia Expo and compete as you’re ready.

Possible Events (may include, but not limited to):
1. DB ground to OH, weight for men 50-100#, women 35-85#
2. Strongman progressively heavier frame carry, up to 700#/500, straps allowed
3. Gymnastics AMRAP of HSPU and Pistol squats or TTB
4. A monostructural burner (like rowing, Assault bike, or Ski erg for calories in 2-10 min)
5. Lung killing AMRAP of Wall Balls/C2B pull-ups
6. A 5RFT butcher push/burpee over 8' wall/double unders